Copper Brazing - This is a special process wherein two metal parts are joined (as per customer specification) by the melting of filler material (copper).




We believe that people are the biggest assets of our company. We have around 500 employees totally in our four units with most of them in the age group of 20-30 years.




Ibex Products Private Limited is committed to maintain a quality management system to international standards .




| Ucal Fuel Systems (Maraimalai

&nbs Nagar, Pondicherry, Gurgaon)

| Ucal Machine Tools

| Delphi TVS Diesel Systems

| Automotive Ancillary Services




Specialization At Ibex Products



Plant - 1 and Plant - 5

1. High Pressure Die Casting (Aluminium)

2. Vacuum Impregnation

3. Fettling & Shotblasting (Aluminium)

Plant - 2

1. Anodizing & Driloc Coating

2. Zinc Nickel Electroplating

Plant - 3

1. Copper Brazing

Plant - 4

1. Precision Drilling



    Production and supply of machined parts and sub-assemblies as per customer specifications. Deburring &
of aluminium castings and machining like drilling,tapping, cutting and assembly of machined parts and
    sub-assemblies as
per customer specification.




Facilities At L.M.Engineering


  •    Drilling machines & Tapping Machines
  •    Special Purpose Machines for machining
  •    Belt Linisher
  •    Leak Test Equipment’s
  •    Toggle Presses
  •    Orbital Reverting Machines
  • Orbital Reverting Machines
  • Centreless Grinding Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Precision drilling machines from 0.30 mm drilling
  • Auto Lathe
  • Capstan Lathe
  • Pneumatic & Mechanical Presses
  • Auto Lathe




Facilities at K.L.Scientech


  •    Aluminium Chromating setup.
  •    Zinc Chromating setup.
  •    Zinc Plating with passivation setup.
  •    VAT Plating
  •    Barrel Plating
  • Effluent Treatment Plant & RO system for zero discharge of effluents.